What Does a Digital Marketing Strategist Do in Atlanta?



Digital strategists create strategies for a company's web presence and develop new communities to target through digital channels. They also enforce digital style guides and define metrics and analytics for integrated marketing campaigns. They also develop and share digital content. To learn more about Social Cali Digital Marketing Atlanta, keep reading.

Ensure accuracy and end-to-end digital tracking, measurement, and attribution of integrated campaigns

Achieving success in the digital marketing arena requires accurate digital tracking, measurement, and attribution. In an integrated campaign, the accuracy of these metrics helps ensure that the marketing efforts are supporting the business goals and customer first approach. As a result, digital marketing managers develop insights to drive the paid advertising strategy and customer-first approach.

Plan and execute integrated campaigns

Marketing strategists plan and execute integrated campaigns in Atlanta, Georgia. They develop comprehensive marketing plans, including PR campaigns and social media. These professionals use CRM tools, such as Salesforce CRM, Tableau, Google Analytics, and others, to gather customer data. They also work closely with sales and marketing leadership, vendors, and contractors.

A solid strategy and execution of a marketing plan are essential to reaching your marketing goals. Marketing strategies should be designed to meet customers where they are in the buying process and entice them to choose you when they're ready to buy. Using SEO and PPC can help your business stand out.

Digital marketing agencies in Atlanta specialize in localized marketing, so they understand the specific needs of your local market. They will help you engage local influencers and take advantage of localized searches. A local Atlanta digital marketing agency has a distinct advantage over a large, national or global agency. A local agency can adapt a marketing strategy to the needs of your local market and work within your budget.

Manage client relationships

If you're interested in a career as a digital marketing strategist in Atlanta, you've come to the right place. This city has an exceptional job market and a stable business climate. The area also has a rich history and upscale neighborhoods that attract investors. It's important to stay current with the growing industry to stay competitive.

You'll be responsible for building relationships with clients and managing them throughout the entire process. You'll be responsible for keeping your clients happy, facilitating discussions about performance, and working with your team to ensure the best results. This role will also require you to be a leader in your team, leading many meetings and working closely with your Client Strategist to coordinate agendas.