Troubleshooting A Broken Down Vehicle


We often use vehicles almost every day but proper maintenance is very important for smooth driving.  Suppose your vehicle is not up to speed and experiences a breakdown then it may lead to a collision or any other type of accident. Breakdowns occur frequently so knowing the most common causes of car failure can help you prevent the need to call a tow truck.

Here are the most common causes of breakdowns

Faulty battery

Battery faults are the most common cause of breakdowns. A car’s battery must be in a good condition because it’s the key to starting the motor, next the engine will turn the alternator which recharges the battery.

Batteries can go flat due to:

  • A faulty component
  • A problem with the car’s charging system
  • A fault with the battery itself
  • If unused for a long time

How do troubleshoot this issue?

When you get out of the car switch off everything, nowadays most modern cars have a light on alert sound as you open the car door. If you don’t go for long trips very often then the battery won’t have much chance to charge. Replace if the batteries are too old.

Check engine light

If your engine light comes on, don’t just ignore it. When your car’s check engine light turns on, immediately take your automobile to a professional auto repair mechanic so they can fix your car and prevent further damage from occurring.

Cooling System Issues 

If the cooling system fails to work then it causes your car, truck, SUV, minivan, or hybrid vehicle to overheat. Stop driving if the vehicle gets overheated. If not, then more damages can occur and also require more expensive auto repairs.

How to Deal with a Car Breakdown?

  • Check your surroundings and make sure everyone is safe.
  • Take your vehicle away from traffic around you.
  • Turn off the vehicle and allow it to rest.
  • Make a call for any roadside assistance or motor club you may have.
  • These issues can be resolved by a technician who is an expert in this field and has the right replacement parts on hand.

How To Help Prevent Your Car From Breaking Down?

  • Always have the basic tools of your vehicle to inspect it often.
  • Follow the vehicle’s preventive maintenance service schedule
  • The service company you choose must have ASE Certified Technicians
  • Don’t ignore your vehicle’s check engine light or other warning lights

Fix the issues with a professional mechanic

Actually, 90% of the issues can be avoided if you properly maintain and check your vehicle regularly. Professional mechanics can easily detect the issues and can help you fix them before you get stranded with a complete breakdown!